For when you need a product or solution built and don't have in-house capacity which meets your needs

How we help

Here are just some of the things we can do for you:

  • "Bootstrap" development of an initial product offering or prototype
  • Provide initial business analysis or product management support for your project
  • Undertake tactical development projects unsuitable for in-house teams
  • Set up development infrastructure and tool support for new programs
  • Provide an agile project management facility for the duration of your project
  • Plan and execute "rescue plans" for problematic legacy / brownfield code

We believe that being a great undeveloper means offering much more than just bashing out code, so when we provide an awesome developer – regardless of the nature of the project – you can expect a business analyst, project manager (and great communicator) all rolled into one.

How we charge

We know that cash is precious, especially for small and growing businesses, so we try and charge as fairly and openly as possible.

All our initial consultations are free of charge. Where possible we will meet with you in person, or if not practical then via telephone.

If we decide to move forward together then we will first give you an idea of what we estimate the overall cost will be, and how long we think it will take.
Because software development is inherently a very uncertain business, these estimates will only be the best guesses we can come up with based on the information you give us, and our previous experience.
Then, subject to contract, we would charge you a simple daily rate for our time booked - no complex or hidden charges and no surprise expenses or disbursements charged without your prior approval.
Since we run our development contracts according to agile principles, you will have regular opportunities to review progress and either change the scope or cancel the project if you feel that the investment isn't working out.

When you pay for a day, you get a full-on day - jam-packed with expertise and enthusiasm - not just 7.5 hours of clock-watching. If it turns out we only need half a day then we'll only bill for half - we won't round up.

We don't publish "standard" day rates for development, as they vary depending on multiple factors: most obviously the number of team members required to deliver to your time-scale, but also longer projects tend to incur lower rates than shorter ones; clients we have had positive experiences with in the past will be given preferential rates; payment in advance is subject to discounted rates.

If you're not sure whether you can afford our services on your budget, you may be surprised - you could do worse by contacting us and benefiting from the free initial consultation, or simply if you have any questions about our services.

VAT is charged on all services at the standard UK rate.