For when you need to maximize on your investment in your in-house management and engineering teams

How we help

We can:

  • Coach individual team members or whole teams on sustainable development practices such as high level architecture, design patterns, refactoring, unit testing, source control, continuous integration, etc. etc.
  • Provide training on agile development techniques for developers or management
  • Help set up and develop Scrum or Kanban systems
  • Assist with the recruitment and interview process when you're ready to expand your team
  • Work with teams to resolve conflicts and address motivational issues
  • Work with teams to streamline processes with lean techniques
  • Help your team develop effective Product Ownership and backlog management techniques

How we charge

We know that cash is precious, especially for small and growing businesses, so we try and charge as fairly and openly as possible.

We can offer competitive rates for common types of training, or create bespoke training plans tailored to the problem you wish to solve.
Please contact us with your requirements and we can get back to you with a quote.

VAT is charged on all services at the standard UK rate.