Deconstructing Software Development

Here at Undeveloper, we know from experience that there is much more to developing great software than simply hiring developers and hoping they will get on with building something.
Drawing from years of experience dealing with software industry problems, we can help you to build technical solutions which really work. We also work with existing technical teams and management to help you learn the techniques necessary to keep your in-house development sustainable.
Lean and agile principles are at the core of what we do. We believe that with the right talent and a healthy working environment based on respect and just the right amount of light-weight management, any technology business can achieve amazing results.

What we do


We can advise businesses on technical solutions and technical management practices.

From start-ups without technical founders who are looking to kick-start a development program, to established companies who don't have the time or resources in-house to plan that important project or organizational change, we can help by providing advice, analysis, design, planning or project management.

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We can build technical solutions for businesses who don't have the in-house capacity.

You want to get your project off the ground but don't have anyone to start building it? We can bootstrap your project build as rapidly as possible, without sacrificing quality or compromising your ability to move the development in-house. We will manage the whole process end-to-end for you, allowing you to step back and concentrate on making key decisions.

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We can work with teams to provide coaching on technical or managerial techniques which create in-house "undevelopers".

An in-house team is a long-term investment and to ensure your return is maximized you want to make sure it's firing on all cylinders.
We provide coaching at the team or individual level, on all aspects of development from technical coaching, through agile management and product management techniques, to help your team concentrate on working together to produce awesome products.

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Who we are